Your Support Makes It Possible!

Your financial support of the Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance (CCFSA) helps to keep our collective community safety efforts moving forward!

The Alliance, which is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, depends upon community and resident support to fund its fire safety activities.

There are many necessary expenditures to keep our canyon's fire safety efforts active: equipment, insurance, firefighting supplies, and of course, payment on the vehicle fleet itself. Your financial contributions will help make the difference!

All contributions to the CCFSA are tax-deductible. Employer Identification Number: 27-0781800. You decide what level of support works for you -- your support at any level helps make our community safer!

Donate now to "The Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance 501(c)(3)
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Checks, payable to the "Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance," can be mailed to:
Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance, Box 84, Malibu, CA 90265